One Happy Little 8 Year Old

I would have no hesitation giving recommendations to buy a Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker as a first detector for a young child.

I just purchased a Fast Tracker for my 8 year old daughter's birthday in February. It just came in and I assembled it to see if it was working okay and do have to say that it is very impressive. I bought it from a friend, who is a dealer, and he was surprised that Bounty Hunter products came with so many features for the price.

We did a quick once over to make sure all of the parts were there and assembled the unit. It was a snap. The unit is so light that I don't think that my daughter will have any problems handling it.

We then wanted to try out the discriminator. I just finished putting on a new roof a couple of months
ago and found one of the nails in the yard. I then put the detector in disc mode and went over the nail and the unit was totally silent! This is impressive since I own another detector that still gives me a broken chatter in disc mode whenever I go over nails. The dual tone discrimination will also make it easier for me to teach her to pick out good targets. I would have no hesitation at this point giving recommendations to buy a Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker as a first detector for a young child. I'm sure that my daughter will get a lot of use out of hers.

Thanks for a great detector!
Joe Rutsky

Lost Treasure found
with my Fast Tracker
"Thank you for a Quality Product" - Fast Tracker

First, Thank You for a Quality Product (I own a Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker). I own your competitors equipment (priced comparatively) as well, although as I go out the door, it’s your product that I find myself reaching for. Attached is a photo of the secondary reason, the primary being as my wife sums it up "going out to play"? Need I say more.

Sunnyvale Ca.

Stuart Rainford - Fast Tracker

Thought you might like to hear from one of your English users. I have never owned a Bounty Hunter before, but have known them around for a great many years. Recently I decided to look for a light easy to use machine that would not cost a great deal. Frankly I did not really expect to find such a super detector - a Fast Tracker.

The detector was purchased for my wife who now accompanies me on trips during the summer months. The key specifications I needed for the machine were weight & price. I looked at the models available in the £100-£150 price range. Time & again in looking the Fast Tracker came out on top, there just wasn't anything else to match. There were no other machines that offered the following: Variable sensitivity & Discrimination as well as tone ID. I was very impressed, even more so when the unit actually arrived & I put it through some tests.

I have been a detector user since 1977 - continually - & use some very sophisticated machines. But what really takes me with the Tracker is its usability. No weight to speak of, accurate discrimination, wonderful tone ID. A great detector for younger folk, or those needing a great backup machine. One of its excellent features is the discrimination. This unit will cut iron out - dead! It will not cut out desirable targets, its tone is the key. By careful adjustment it becomes very simple to ignore low tone silver paper without the loss of small rings & other desirable items. A setting of 10 o'clock on the disc is just right for me, at this small rings still give high tone & silver paper a low tone. Even if rings do give a low tone you can still ID them by carefully listening & understanding the audio response. This will put the operator in a great position to identifying targets before they are dug. Large positive signals like cans are easily identified by raising the coil off the ground, coins etc quickly disappear whilst cans etc. do not. Very useful in a coinshooting area where large alloy junk abounds.

The first trip out was a site that we search on a regular basis, its an industrial river foreshore. The whole area is a mass of iron fragments and large pieces of steel junk. It's the toughest site we have, but in amongst this by very careful searching you can find coins from the last couple of hundred years. My normal method with my 'big' machine would be a six inch coil, you just cannot use anything else. Your mind must pick through the continuous rejected signals looking for those 'pips' that might be non-ferrous. The Fast Tracker was in its element, by the end of the two hour session I had recovered 25 coins from 1900 to present date, also a big pile of fishing weights. This was a super example of just how efficient the machine is, very, very impressive on this hardest of all sites. And this was how things were to continue on other places we visited.

Another area that I frequent is a local beach, and many hours are spent there testing different units we own. Straight out into the wet sand, no response to the saturated salt conditions - excellent. After a couple of hours the numbers of recovered coins was relatively low, about 15, but this is quite normal using an expensive machine not a budget example! My buddy was using such a unit & there wasn't anything he detected that I couldn't, & my discrimination was more accurate. To operate on wet sand without any difficulty is something rather special that other manufacturers should take note of - especially on a machine that costs a fraction of some of the others available that don't work there at all.

Finally I took a deep breath & went to a field that I have been searching constantly for many years. In that time I have made some very good recoveries, mostly coins from pre 1600. It is now very hard to get much, but memories keep your patience on the field. A section of the site has a very iron contaminated section that's always hard to work, especially with the normal large heads that we use for the rest of the site. I reasoned that this might be the place to use the Fast Tracker. Boy was I right! After three hours of intense hard searching, a number of buttons, a fob seal & small buckle, I found a hammered silver penny of Edward I (1280's). It took me ages to find the coin in the soil & grass, but the FT wouldn't let go. The small coil is a super aid in this type of contaminated ground. Right at the end of the day whilst idly walking back to the vehicle, I got a rough but slightly positive signal. Cutting a turf down to four inches, the signal came much stronger & in the center of the hole was a green point. Carefully digging around it out came one of the best Roman brooches I've found pointing upwards! chuffed - you bet!

I have really enjoyed using this machine & look forward to my wife Caroline having as much fun as I did, that's if she gets it back! I can only dream as to what the more expensive models in the Bounty Hunter range might be like, would sure like to try one. But I can only say that it's impossible to be disappointed with the Fast Tracker in any way at all. Its performance, features & price are staggeringly brilliant...

A big congratulations to First Texas Products, you've got a winner in the Fast Tracker!

Yours truly,
Stuart Rainford

The best $100 I've ever spent. - Fast Tracker

Last May I purchased a Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker metal detector because I always enjoyed finding different old stuff just digging around in different areas. I was immediately hooked! I was going out as often as my schedule would allow me, and from then until early November I found over 750 coins.
Most of them are clad, but I've gotten a couple indian head pennies, about 40 or so wheat pennies, 1 silver quarter, 2 mercury dimes, and a fair number of old nickels. In addition to the coins, I've found numerous horseshoes, a 1965 James Bond toy gun, one ring, and a few other misc. pieces of jewelry.
Purchasing that detector was probably the best $100 I've ever spent. For Christmas I got a new Pioneer 202 (Quick Draw 2). I can't wait until the season's change and I can get back out hopefully with even more success. Anyone new to the hobby, DONT be shy to buy the Fast Tracker, it's a great
machine for the money!! Thank you Bounty Hunter!


The find: a sterling silver opal
Beginners Luck: A Great First Day Find! - Land Star

The Land Star is the first metal detector I've used and owned, and as you can imagine, it was quite an experience to find this ring on my very first day!

I purchased a Land Star for myself as a Christmas present. On Monday, Jan 3rd, the temperature here in update NY was in the sixties, so I decided to search a small park where I live. Over the course of a couple of hours, I found two quarters, three dimes, and 8 clad pennies, all of relatively new dates. I finally decided to search near the backstop of an old softball field in one corner of the park. While searching in the "ALL METAL" mode, I received a strong tone.

I was expecting to uncover a pulltab, but to my surprise and delight, at a depth of about 4 inches, I found a silver ring with a blue oval stone! The engraving inside the ring says "Sterling Silver" and I've been told that the stone is "Old Opal" although at the time I believed that it was blue turquoise.

The Land Star is the first metal detector I've ever used and owned, and as you can imagine, it was quite an experience to find this ring on my very first day! Thanks for making such a great product!

Steve Patrick

Sword waist plate
Spring break fun with my Bounty Hunter metal detector.

I had just found out about the site with an hour of sunlight left to work with.

This sword waist plate was found at an old homesite in North Texas with my Bounty Hunter metal detector. It was found on the last day of a detecting trip I took over spring break and I had just found out about the site with an hour of sunlight left to work with. This was the very first signal given off and I can't wait to get back and see what else is out there!

James Cross

Civil War reunion badge
When you least expect it.

I was playing around looking for coins and such when I found a Civil War reunion badge.

My name is J.R. Cheatham. I have a Bounty Hunter detector...I'm kinda new to metal detecting. Mostly I've only found coins and junk..nothing really exciting..but a couple of days ago I was playing around looking for coins and such when I found a Civil War reunion badge dated 1895. It's a 29th reunion badge for the Grand Army of the Republic. On the left side it says 1861, on the right side it says 1866. Across the top it says 29.national. In the middle, jumbled together are the letters GAR. Around these letters it says encampment Louisville Ky. I found it about 5 inches deep.

J.R. Cheatham

Proud owner of the Lone Star metal detector

Bounty Hunter Lone Star

I bought my BH Lone Star with my own money!

I had a problem with my brand new coil. On Tuesday January 18 my Dad took my coil and detector to Bounty Hunter in El Paso. A man named Lupe helped him. My old coil would not detect quarters for some reason. Lupe fixed me up and gave me a brand new coil, and it works great! I am 12 years old and I bought my BH Lone Star with my own money. My Dad took me metal detecting a few times and I found a lot of change and a gold earring. I have only had it since Christmas. I mostly got money for Christmas this year and I decided to buy my own detector. I really like my Bounty Hunter especially the tone ID. Thanks again and I really enjoy my new detector.

Matt Lee,
El Paso, Texas

George VI penny
Who said school never pays off?

This was my first metal detector hunt,but it certainly wont be my last!

I went to an old one room school with my uncle using his Bounty Hunter metal detector and found my first penny. It was very dry but the Bounty Hunter found the large George VI penny at 3". This was my first metal detector hunt, but it certainly wont be my last!!

Thanks for the great product,
Randy McClure

Old money is still good money
A little looking goes a long way

Not bad for a couple hours of work.

I just thougt you should be the 1st to see what I dug up yesterday with my Bounty hunter detector. On some farm land across the street from where I live, my wifes grandfather owned some land, where back in the 1800's and early 1900's there was once an old train station. Last year I tried hunting there and found 3 barber dimes, (1897,1902 and 1907), and one 1936 quarter. I wanted to go back for more, but the farmers had there bean and wheat crops in and I didn't want to do any digging.

This past Monday a farmer friend of mine said the weather took a toll on the crop so he was going to dig it all up and I was welcome to give the detecting a shot. Yesterday morning I walked across the street and started at 9am. I quit at noon because of the hot weather, BUT this is what I pulled out of the ground (2) standing liberty quarters. The dates were worn off so I don't know what year they were minted......(3) barber dimes, 1898 and (2) 1899, (1) mercury dime 1940 and (2) V Nicholes 1900 and 1908. I also put the dimes and 1936 quarter I found last year in there. Not bad for a few hours work.

Take Care,
Tony Frisco

"My Wedding Band" - Tracker II

I will be a recommender and customer for life!

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to thank you for putting a great product out in the market. 3 weeks ago I was in my backyard doing yard work with gloves on, I noticed after going inside and taking off my gloves, my wedding band had fallen off. Needless to say I was upset, and saw the disappointment in my wife. I looked all over the yard with my hands, and flashlight. Nothing after the first couple of days. I started calling around to see if I could find metal detectors, nobody seemed to sell them. I did some research and saw that Target had one, I went purchased it, and realized it was a "Kids version metal detector". In any case I figured I'd give it a shot. After 1 week and constantly going through the yard nothing came up, and realized it was not that good. I returned it.

A week later I did some more research and noticed that Dick's sporting goods actually sold the Bounty Hunter metal detectors. I called up my local store and they had 2 models, I chose the less expensive one. My wife ended up picking it up. I used it in the front yard and nothing came up, I started in the back and started by doing my yard in sections. After I did half of the back yard, still nothing, I was depressed and upset, my wife had called me in for dinner. I said "I be right there, give me 3 more minutes". I started scanning towards the base of my deck and I got a beep, I got quickly excited, I started putting it down off to the side and then it beeped again. I check the first area and nothing, but started digging around the second area where it beeped and I saw something metal, I dug a little more and it was my wedding band. I could not believe it! I was ecstatic as you can imagine. I want to say thanks for putting out a great product. Will be a recommender and customer for life!


Christopher Boucher
Leesburg, VA

Chareles the 1st shilling

From the English Civil War

Quite the attention grabber - Sharp Shooter II

Dear sir,

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful machine as a Sharp Shooter II. It has drawn alot of attention at my local club. Especially last week when I found a Charles the 1st shilling dating back too the English Civil War. I intend to purchess one of your ten inch coil's in the near future. Once again may I thank you for a wonderful machine.

Stephen Heyes

Hobo Valley treasure

Held up a nice 1918 Canadian Quarter - Discovery 3000

To see the look of satisfaction on my face, she finally realized why I loved detecting and my Bounty Hunter.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. After a pleasantly filling meal my wife decided we should go for a walk. I casually suggested we take a walk through the bush trail at the end of our street called Hobo Valley. I also mentioned that I would take my Discovery 3000 along to see what I could find.

My wife and 4 year old wandered along ahead while I hunted in the bush along the path. I hit a good signal and was preparing to cut the plug when my wife came back to check on me. "Have you found anything?" she asked. "Well there is definately something here." I replied. After digging the plug and waving a handfull of dirt in front of the coil and hearing that sweet signal again I saw the gleam of silver. I could see that she was anxious to see what it was and I then held up a nice 1918 Canadian quarter.

To see the look of satisfaction on my face she finally realized why I loved detecting and my Bounty Hunter. The 1912 dime a couple of feet away was the icing on the cake and the other silver quarter a bonus. Thank you Bounty Hunter for a great product.

Mike in P.S

The ring was praised $7,500

1 Ct. gold ring

One center stone and two side stones

The ring was praised $7,500.00!! Tracker IV

A $7,500 twenty old 1 Ct. center stone ring!!!

On March 9th. 2002, I purchased a Bounty Hunter 'Pioneer 101', (Tracker IV) metal detector, while attending a local electronics show here in Charlotte, NC. A bit of history about my metal detecting experience. Over the years I have owned several metal detectors, including top of the line 'White's', 'Compass' and 'Garrett' detectors. I've panned, suctioned dredged and dry sluiced the desert. I recently had several heart attacks and knew I should be exercising more (as the doctor had said), but procrastinating, as I will do, I pushed it to the back of my mind. As I walked the isles of the show, I noticed a rather shop worn box containing a Pioneer 101 metal detector and since the price was right, I purchased it.

I figured what the heck, possibly I'll get out and try it again. Over my years of metal detecting I did recover several nice objects, but nothing of any consequence that I would really get excited about. The detectors were always difficult to tune, hard to adjust the discrimination switches (they really never worked quite right) and took a considerable amount of time to acquaint one's self to each detectors particular adjustments. Now I'll get to the point.

I assembled the Pioneer 101 and didn't actually expect too much from an 'inexpensive detector' after years of $1,000 devices which worked marginally at best. I drove to a nearby park and started my old sweeping technique. To my surprise after only a few feet of sweeping, I got a positive reading and retrieved a fairly current dime (about 4" down), a few more feet and it was a quarter (6" down). Now remember, this was the first time I had used this detector.

My next stop was at the base of a huge old oak tree (there are plenty of those in the Carolinas), sweeping the base of the tree, with the settings specified in the little 15 page booklet for 'jewelry hunting', I got a fairly strong signal. I've always used my trusty screwdriver method of probing, so 'a-probing' I went. I use a 12" screwdriver and had probed the coil center down to the full 12" depth but felt nothing and was about to give up and attribute the signal to the old false reading, which I knew only too well.

OK, a couple of more tries and I would continue elsewhere. Bingo, I hit something and broke out the mini trowel. I had dug down about 6" when I saw a glint of metal and realized it was a ring with what looked like three diamond like stones. I always carry a digital camera in the car now (accidents do happen). Enclosed is a photo of what I recovered, the ring was appraised at $7,500, it contains a 1 Ct. center stone and two side stones, each ¾ Ct. set in 14kt. Gold (photo attached).

The jeweler said the ring was no more than twenty years old (judging by the setting) and how it got down to a 6" depth level is anyone's guess. My wife now has a beautiful new ring and says I can visit electronic shows and do all the metal detecting I desire. I want to thank you for building a fantastic piece of detecting equipment, which surprised the heck out of me. Just as soon as I can afford to upgrade to one of your detectors that is easier for me read (display) you can bet I'll be out there purchasing one. Thanks again.

Dave Nussbaum

1 1/2 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring

Detecting after 4th of July Celebration - Sharpshooter II

"I Quickly Found What They Were Looking For...."

You are not going to believe this story...........I was metal detecting on July 5 th ..the day after the 4th of July Celebrations....The place I detect was going to have a fireworks spectacular. I new from last year that the day after the celebrations the finds would be nice. So I scheduled one of my weeks vacation for that week. I did pretty good in the morning on the 5th and netted about 20 bucks in jewelry though....I went back in the later afternoon and as I walked westerly I found some neat things but no jewelry. As I approached the lifeguards chair an employee asked to talked to me. He said that the couple over there lost a ring last night and are looking for it. If you are interested in a reward go on over there. I said ok and proceeded to walk on over. I said, hello, I hear you lost something and could use some help. Yes, the husband said, my wife shook her pants out last night and her ring fell out of the pocket.He was using a borrowed metal detector and I could see he was not familiar with it at all. I asked, approximately where were you and when you shook your pants and she stood at the same place and did a shaking motion with her hands. I quickly ran my Sharp Shooter 2 under the area but no signal. I did a sweep of the area and found some coins but no ring. I found I was getting interference from his detector and told him what was happening and he backed off a short distance away. The interference disappeared and I continued to sweep the area finding coins but no ring. I figured the wife had shook the pants with some force and the ring must have sailed a good distance away , so I swept a large diameter around her but still no ring. I again asked how she shook the pants and was told that she had just gently shook the jeans and I figured the ring must be within a few feet of where she stood. With the husbands detector not causing any interference I quickly found what they were looking for engagement ring that was a 1 1/2 carat marquise diamond worth 10,000 dollars. I was totally floored and could not believe my eyes. Had I found that in the morning it would have been mine but with them there searching for it I was only helping in there search and could not keep the ring for myself. I was offered a reward but declined at first but later I changed my mind and asked what kind of a reward are we talking? The husband said, Here take this," and hands me a handful of cash. He says its 300 dollars, is it enough? I said :"Sure ", and thank you very much. I wasn't going to take anything but that night my wife and I were to go on a mini vacation and we could use the extra cash. We left for Atlantic City, NJ at about 1:00 am to use some of the coins I had found during the year and figuring I was on a winning streak because of finding this ring and the other gents 5 diamond ring I had written to you about previously. I did not come home a winner from Atlantic City but I knew I was no loser having helped out that couple on the beach. I took a pic of the ring and have added it to this email.It was a huge stone ...I don't know how I could ever top this find..Thanks for rebuilding my detector works great and could not be happier with it. P.S. I brought the detector with us to Jersey so I could detect in the morning while my wife slept. I found a lot of coins and had a lot of fun at the slots AND on the beach with my Sharp Shooter,.....where I knew I would not lose.

Proud owner of Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II.

G. Massa
East Rockaway, NY


Religious Pieces

"What A Gift" - Tracker IV

My wife, Janet gave me a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector for my birthday about four years ago

My wife, Janet gave me a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector for my birthday, about four years ago. Now, Janet just loves it when I say, "I'm going metal detecting I may find another "goodie" for her”. The enclosed photos are some of the rings, and religious pieces that I’ve found. Many of the rings are, Sterling Silver, two are Black hills Gold, while, two others, are 14K gold. One 14K gold ring has a 1/3rd Caret diamond, which was appraised at $1,000. I’ve also found many, many coins. Quite a few Wheat Pennies, Silver dimes, quarters, and even one Silver half dollar.
I am totally satisfied with both of my Tracker IV Machines. I have two of them one for each car. That way I'm never out and about without having a machine with me. I would suggest to anyone who wants to get into the metal detecting fun, that they buy a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV!!!!
Of course, I'm sure that all models of Bounty Hunter are of the same quality that is installed in the Tracker IV's that I have. I'm just a little amazed because of the great success I have had with my Tracker IV machines. Thank you Bounty Hunter.

Ken Williams,
Loveland, Colorado

Canadian fifty cent pieces
A great traveling companion. - Land Star

I bought my Land Star this past spring. It went with me across Canada from Ontario to the Yukon and the North West Territories.

Attached is a photo of two fifty cent pieces, a 1942 and a 1943. The '42, I found in the yard of an old school about four inches deep in clay and was in perfect condition under a thick tree root. The '43, was recovered about six inches deep near the beach in a park that dates back to the last century. It was so encrusted with sand that it was a couple of days before I could determine the date. Some of it still remains as it is extremely difficult to remove and I don't want to damage the coin. Thank you Bounty Hunter!

Marty Neva

10K Gold Ring with a Black Onyx Stone

The Dependability of the Tracker IV

I spent the entire past Winter of 2007 and 2008 in Arizona. I returned to Colorado on April13th, 2008. My Tracker IV sat idle for over five months. I had the opportunity to go detecting for about 30 Minutes on the first Wednesday after I returned to Colorado. I put in a set of new batteries and my Tracker IV was up and running like it always does. It is a very dependable machine.

I went to a sandy playground that is in a large park. I had only been detecting for about 10 minutes when the “gold” tone sound on my machine alerted me to something positive. I dug about seven inches in the sand and much to my delight, out came this 10K gold mans ring with a black onyx stone in it.

As I age, ( I am now 74 years old ) I realize how lucky I was that my wife bougth the Tracker IV for me. It has been a very productive machine over the years. Thank you once again Bounty Hunter for the great machines you produce. Thanks to my wife too......

Ken Williams
Loveland, Colorado

Hunt and ye shall find... - Land Ranger

I wonder how many times I had stepped over the coin while cutting the grass during my youth.

I am writing to thank you for making possible a most interesting experience. Upon learning that we have had a Civil War campground close to my childhood home I had the desire to check it out.

A little over a week ago I recieved my Land Ranger after ordering it from Cabelas magazine. I got to try it out for a few minutes while waiting to pick up my daughter from our church's Christmas Eve service practice. I checked the clothes line behind the exsisting church parsonage, where incidently, I lived while my father was the minister several years ago. My first find was an old drinking cup. A few minutes later I had a solid coin signal. I was expecting to find a coin from my youth. Instead I unearthed an 1865 German coin that had been lying there the whole time I lived there in the 1970's. I wonder how many times I had stepped over it cutting the grass during my youth.

All this took place during my first ten minutes of searching. Unfortunately, I had to stop to get home to help my wife get ready for evening guests. Even my daughters pleading could not get us to stay longer. I fear I may have used up all my beginners luck in the first ten minutes. As you can imagine I can hardly wait to get back this Christmas weekend to see what else may be waiting to be discovered. Mabey nothing, mabey I just found the beginning. Only time will tell.

I hope my luck hasn't run out. Thanks for the great product. My daughter and I will get many years of enjoyment from it, if the first ten minutes is any indication. I still haven't had a chance to get to the civil war campground.

David Groenke, DMD

Buddy and Brents Antique Gun

Buddy and Brents Treasure

Out Treasure Hunting! Tracker IV

My husband's birthday.

Hello Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors,

I purchased the Tracker IV for my husband’s birthday, even though I thought he would not find anything but old nails and junk. Our home sets where an old barn used to be years ago. The very first day he, and our son had it out treasure hunting in the woods near our home, they found an antique gun. This gun was discontinued prior to 1942. Even though the gun is not valuable on any market, it is their treasure.


North Carolina

The cannonball Peter found

Only half of the rings Peter found.

Irish Battle of Kilsdale - Quick Draw II

All of these were found with my Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. These machines will not pass a coin at any depth! Some of my friends are amazed at what I found.

This is a cannon ball that was used in 1690, in the battle of Zac, which is a very beautiful seaside resort 20 miles outside Cork City where I live. I was searching a field just at the back of a place called Fort Charles which was being held by a Catholic British regiment and was being shelled by a French Armada, so I guess this cannon ball must have missed the fort and landed in a field behind the fort. The 4 little balls are musket balls fired from a handgun.

The next photo is of very old coins dating from the year 1500 to the present. This is only 1/2 of the rings that I found as my relations took some of them every time we had a visit. I also found a good few watches. Some were under water and still in working order.

Peter Fitzgerald, Cork City

Sterling Silver Ring
w/Tanzanite Stone


My Tracker IV has been a very dependable machine ever since I bought it.

I was going to go brown trout fishing on Tuesday, October 18, 2005. Then I remembered I had a meeting at 7:00 o'clock that evening and didn’t trust myself to get back home in time, so, I went metal detecting instead. I decided to go to a park, in which I hadn’t detected for quite sometime. I have total confidence in my Tracker IV. It has been a very dependable machine ever since I bought it. It has paid for itself several times over with all the coins and other items I have found. That particular Tuesday was no different. I was at the park for about two and a half hours and in addition to the $7.39 I found in change, I found this sterling silver ring with a tanzanite like stone in it. Considering the cold winters we have in Colorado, coupled with the nice warm Summer days, heavy items such as this ring settle into the ground quite quickly, because of the freezing and thawing effect. I believe Bounty Hunter takes this fact into consideration when they engineer their machines. This ring was over three inches below the surface, and my Tracker IV located it with no problem. I cannot thank Bounty Hunter enough for the wonderful products they produce. My Tracker IV has given me many, many hours of "happy hunting". All the rings I have found have also kept me in good graces with my wife. She, of course, was happy to get this one too. I remain a dedicated Bounty Hunter Tracker IV user.

Ken Williams

William is a proud owner of a
Quick Draw II
Hurricane, shmurricane - Quick Draw II

I was recently in The FMDAC Treasure Weekend & Hunt '00 held in Clearwater, Florida right in the middle of Hurricane Gordon with 20 to 50 mile hour winds and detecting on a seeded coined beach in ankle deep water.

I wanted to write you guys to tell you that I love your product and how I showed some other metal detectorist that low price systems doesn't always mean a poor Quality Product! I was given a Quick Draw II for a Xmas gift and am having the most fun with it!

I was recently in The FMDAC Treasure Weekend & Hunt '00 held in Clearwater, Florida right in the middle of Hurricane Gordon with 20 to 50 mile hour winds and detecting on a seeded coined beach in ankle deep water. I was asked what kind of metal detector I was going to use and I told them Bounty Hunter. The reactions i got were comments like "I'm using a childs toy!" and "I will only find lots of trash like pull tabs and not very many coins & relics, unless I go out and get a better detector!" But I was not discouraged at what was said. After the 1hr hunt was over, I went home with lots of silver(9 mercury dimes,6 Roosevelt dimes,3 Washington Quarters, and 3 Franklin 1/2 dollars!) I also found a low prize token to bring home my very 1st Silver Round! Some of the people that made those comments came back to tell me that they saw how fast I was finding coins and that impressed them. One even told me how I was killing him on how fast my detector was finding the coins. That gave me a big ego!!

A Proud Owner of a Bounty Hunter Detector, William W Bresee

A women's watch
Great Machine At A Great Price! - Tracker IV

This was my very first metal detector and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Hello my name is Roy,

I recently purchased a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. This was my very first metal detector and I am very pleased with my purchase. On my 4th time out to a local beach I found my first piece of jewelry. A women’s watch that is in great shape and working well!!! I have also found a cup of change that I have not yet counted.

Thanks Bounty Hunter for a great machine at a great price,

Sterling Silver Cross and Chain

Combination 14K Gold & Sterling Silver Bracelet

Picture of the 6 items found.

Valuable Jewelry Found with my Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

"My Recent Finds with my dependable Tracker IV"


Yes, that is correct. Not in my wildest dreams could I have ever dreamed I would find all the valuable jewelry items I have found since my wife Janet bought me my Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. I found these items in the last (6) weeks. They include: A sterling silver cross necklace with silver chain, a rope type bracelet that is made of a combination 14K gold and sterling silver, a 14K gold ring that has a horseshoe and a horses head on it, a sterling silver ring with a ruby mounted in it, and an angel pin that is silver and brass. Just goes to show how great of a machine the Bounty Hunter tracker IV is. Thank you once again Bounty Hunter for the quality machines you produce.

Ken Williams
Loveland, CO

Super Find
It's so light I can swing it for hours - Tracker IV

Dear Bounty Hunter,

Being a former police officer from the New England area, I recently received a call from a buddy of mine who had gone into the security business. Knowing fully well that I was an avid treasure hunter he offered me a chance to fly up for the job of a life time. Basically outside of Boston there were some previously undisturbed colonial sights that were now going to be flattened for the construction condos. It was a two week assignment, where I would work from 12PM to 6AM and had complete runoff the area. It was very well lit and extremely secluded.

My two assignments were to keep people out and treasure hunt all that I wanted to. There was a small dwelling on the edge of the property that was constructed in the 1700's, aside from that there were a couple of barns and an old mill. I detected 6 hours a night with my Tracker IV in the tone mode, all I cared about was coins and for two weeks straight found nothing. I own several machines but when I fly I have developed a way of fitting my Tracker IV in my overhead bag and it's so light I can swing it for hours. I had several low tones and dug one relic after another. The only problem was I didn't care about relics, All I wanted to do was get one colonial coin and I would be happy.

One morning a bulldozer showed up to flatten the dwelling. I grabbed my detector and followed it around for 2 hours as it demolished the building and turned it's remains into dust. All of a sudden I got a loud and clear high pitched tone!!! I began to dig the ground up with my bare hands and guess what? I got one! This one coin and two weeks salary made the trip an incredible event. I have since sent the coin to an independent grader/slobber. Before I did so I took a picture so that people can see what is possible with a $150.00 machine.

Stan Getz
Indian Harbor Beach, FL

1920 Pennies

Religious Medallion

"Tracker IV, What An Impressive Machine For The Bucks"

I used to use a Garrett Gold Scorpion which I still have but because of the high mineralisation out here in the desert the Garrett wont play the game.

Howdy there to all, Terry Bloomfield here from Silverton Western NSW AUSTRALIA. Well what can I say… I have just purchased a Tracker 4 and the goodies started turning up straight away… I used to use a Garrett Gold Scorpion, which, I still have but because of the high mineralisation out here in the desert the Garrett wont play the game. Enter the Tracker 4 and what an impressive machine for the bucks. I have found some very old coins… (1920 pennies) one of which is worth quite a few dollars. Also, a gold religious medallion and some very old tokens. So if there is anyone out there wondering which detector to purchase for the first time or as your main detector ...give the Tracker 4 a trial and you wont be disappointed. The headphones are a must and the tone search mode makes life easy as you wont be digging trash all the time...I have been converted and am saving for a Time Ranger..Cheers to all....”jurasic"

925 Silver w/ Cubic Zirconia

I was pleased when we got a nice break in the weather, and I was off and running with my Trusty Tracker IV.

Having been in the doldrums because the weather has been too cold to metal detect here in Colorado, I was pleased when we got a nice break in the weather, and I was off and running with my trusty Tracker IV. All the snow had melted, and I had several places I thought might be good hunting. I decided to go to an off- the- beaten- path park. It turned out to be a good decision.
I got many good solid positive tones that day. I not only found $6.78, but under some leaves, I found this very pretty Cubic Zirconia .925 Silver ring. I feel certain that my Tracker IV has MANY more good finds in it. Thank you again Bounty Hunter.

Ken Williams, Loveland, Co

Silver Ring w/ Green Tourmaline




I purchased the Tracker IV for my wife and now I'm the big HERO!


I just wanted to stop by to say thanks for all your help in getting us hooked up with luckydan. I purchased the Tracker IV
for my wife and now I'm the big HERO! She loves it, guess it's the best
Christmas gift I've ever bought her. She has called all our friends and
family to tell them about it. (and what a wonderul husband I am....and I
am) he he he! Anyway, thanks for everything and i will be sending Dan new business as I am already getting friends interested and wanting a bounty hunter. (me too since i don't think linda is going to share hers). Best wishes and a very happy and prosperous new year to you and yours in 2000.

Country Ronn

Belt buckle circa 1840

You get what you pay for! - Time Ranger

If not for the Time Ranger this wonderful treasure and keep sake would remain in its place of rest for another 158 years.

Mark Mccarthar and Ralph Mears are police officers in Savannah Ga. They have been working together for many years. Recently Mark acquired a Metal Detector (brand not specified). Ralph on the other hand purchased a Time Ranger Metal Detector from Bounty Hunter.

Even though it had been raining throughout the day, this did not stop them from going on their hunt. After a hard days work they went to a pre-chosen spot. Mark found several coins in the area. He was digging up everything in sight. Ralph on the other hand was teaching his 12 year old son Joshua how to work the Time Ranger. Mark called Ralph over to a spot where he was having some trouble distinguishing what and where all the hits were coming from...There were several power lines overhead, and his detector was giving him many false readings. This is where the Time Ranger paid off. Mark found the location of a good hit and knew that it was about 12 inches down.

Mark started digging for a couple of minutes. Finally his digging paid off...Mark shouted out with exuberance. He had found a belt buckle. The buckle is solid brass with gold plating. There's an eagle holding an anchor in his talons and 13 stars around the edges. Mark found out that the buckle is pre-Civil War and dated (approximately) in the year 1840. The buckle was possibly that of a Naval Officer

Mark would like to point out that if not for the Time Ranger, this wonderful treasure and keepsake would remain in its place of rest for another 158 years.

24 K Gold Ring

24 K Gold Ring

The Best Gift I Ever Received! - Quick Draw II

Using my Quick Draw II, I can honestly say that I've never come home empty handed.

I just had to write you to tell you how pleased I am with my Quick Draw II. It was given to me as a birthday gift and I must admit that it is possibly the best gift I've ever received! It is really easy to use and has given me hours and hours of pleasure.

I've found hundreds of silver coins, over sixty silver rings, more than a dozen gold rings and quite a large assortment of other types of jewelry. I can honestly say that I've never come home empty handed.

This week was the best ever! On Sunday I hunted a local park and after only an hour I found a 24K - 5.4 gram solid gold ring! I'd never found anything 24K before so you can imagine how excited I was.

This evening, I thought I'd get out for a quick hunt before dinner and went back to the same park. Forty-five minutes later, I could hardly believe my eyes as I held in my hand another 24K gold ring. This one was even heavier than the first at 8.0 grams!

Two solid gold rings - from the same park - and only 5 days apart!

You make a great product and I would - and do - heartily recommend Bounty Hunter's to anyone interested in Metal Detecting.



Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Republica De El Salvador 1987

5 Centavos

Treasure In My Front Yard! Quick Draw II

5 Centavos
Republica De El Salvador

I had a little time to get my Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 (Quick Draw II) out the other day, and found this right out in my front yard!

As you can see, it is not very old, but it is a long way from home.

Sam Merriman
Seymour, MO

"Found A Fun New Hobby" - Pioneer 202

Purchased a Bounty Hunter Metal Detector to solve a unique problem.

I purchased my bounty hunter (Pioneer 202) for a very unique problem, you see I own a self-storage facility and last fall one of my tenants who is roofing contractor spilled some copper nails around my gravel driveway. This created a problem because my magnet that I usually walk around with would not pick these items up and since several weeks had passed before I saw these nails most had worked their way into the gravel and you couldn't see them. This is were my pioneer 202 came in handy to detect them in all metals mode and in the process I found several dollars in clad coins and these two rings one was all bent and deformed from being run over by a car but the other one has a stamp on inside that reads 925 SC, I hope that means its 92.5 % silver but am not sure. I purchased my detector to solve a problem at my business and no have found a fun new hobby.

Thanks Bounty hunter
Brad (VT)

Black color steel toe ring, Silver toe ring with ocean desing, Silver ring, Modern Navaho ring, and a copper ring with gold plating
Looking for whatever I can find!! - Quick Draw II

"I ran to my mother with great excitement to show her the coolest item I've found so far"

In the last week of August in 2002, my family and me went to the Utah Flaming Gorge Lake Mustang Ridge campground. There is a small bay to park your boat and to swim with a big sandy beach.
In between meals I would spend hours detecting with my Quick Draw II looking for whatever I can find. The first day in the afternoon I found some crusted pennies, pull tabs, and a black color steel toe ring or child’s ring with a hearts design on it. The second day I found a silver toe ring with ocean waves design and a silver ring along with some change.
The third day was the biggest day for me detecting. My detector sounded off that a 1 cent or dime is in the ground, so I dug and saw a copper looking circle popped out and immediately I knew it was a ring, so I started wiping the damp sand off it and I saw a black jewel on it, I started thinking it was a child’s play ring with a plastic jewel on it. I went to the water to finish cleaning it off and my heart skipped a beat and I found out it was a high school ring. I ran to my mother with great excitement to show her the coolest item I've found so far. So during that day I pulled up a modern Navaho ring with turquoise triangles and a copper ring that had a gold plating on it with a few scratches of gold left on it, also with me more change. Most of the time I spent pulling up old pop and beer cans along with pull tabs and fishing lures. The water was 35 feet down. My dad said that I should be detecting up were the water used to be, but by the water I found great treasures.
My batteries died and I could not continue detecting so I went home with over $4 in change a Hot wheels Jeep, and six wonderful rings. THANK YOU BOUNTY HUNTER FOR A GREAT DETECTOR!

Eric (Utah)

A $ 5, 1887 Gold Coin

Wristwatch, rings, and pendants

"The Tracker IV is a great machine"

I'm really at a loss when I can't go metal detecting! I own two Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detectors, and these are some of the finds that I have found with both of my Tracker IV’s. I have found $2,859.83 just in coins. Back and Front side of an 1887 $ 5 Gold Coin I found. The wristwatch I found buried in mud in a park, I have found nine (9) different watches to date. Three of the more than (250) rings I have found. Here are two (2) diamond rings and the blue stone ring is lindy star saffire with (2) small diamonds. I have also found many wheat pennies; various silver coins, and clad coins. In three days total amount was $ 22.78.

Once again, the Tracker IV is a great machine and I really enjoys using them.

Ken Williams
Loveland, Colorado

Railroad switch lock
Now they've just got to find the key. - Quick Draw II


I wanted to share this great find my wife discovered. While on a detecting trip near Cripple Creek, CO. I let my wife try my Quick Draw II detector, after an hour or so she came to me with this older looking lock. She said she dug down at least one foot. It turns out to be a switch lock from FL & C.C RR Co. (florence & cripple creek railroad co.) A collector has offered her $2000.00, though I don't think she is ready to sell it yet. Thought you would be interested in knowing of her great success with a Bounty Hunter detector.

John Korte

Rouge Compact
Right in the back yard - Quick Draw II

It might not be worth anything but it made me proud and my uncle green with envy.

I found this Rouge Compact on Jan 3 in an old road bed in my back yard. The road use was discontinued about 60 years ago. I located it with my Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II that my wife gave me for Christmas. It indicated the object as a half dollar, 8 inches deep, which was where it was and about the same size. On the back it stated, 'Plough's Black and White Beauty Creations, Made in USA', the inside had the remaining fragments of a mirror and what appeared to be gold plated copper.

This was only the secound time I had used the Quick Draw II, it might not be worth anything but it made me proud and my uncle green with envy because he had not found anything like it with his "other brand" detector that he has used for several years.

John Cook

10 dollar gold coin


Doesn't taste like chocolate. - Quick Draw II

My first impression was that this must be one of those chocolate coins, but I soon realized it wasn't.

Hi guys My name is Sean Pouliot and I found this great 10 Dollar gold coin, circa 1913. From what Silver Mike told me these are very rarely found.

I use a Quickdraw II. The coin was about 4 inches deep, in the middle of a depression on the ground. There was a large rock nearby that was probably placed over it but was rolled away to be used as a seat or something. My first impression was that this must be one of those chocolate coins, but I soon realized it wasn't.

Sean Pouliot

1906 Liberty head dime
Elementary my dear Watson. - Quick Draw II

I found my first 'old' coin today..I was really excited and spent a good while looking for more

I found my first 'old' coin today on a nature walk at the elementary school my wife teaches at. Even though the school only dates back to 1965, and the nature walk is only two years old, I managed to find a 1906 liberty head dime in good shape only about 2" down in the sand! I was really excited and spent a good while looking for more in the same vicinity, but to no avail. The new Quick Draw II is working great! Thanks.

John Harr

Fathers Day mother load

400-900 year old coin

Better than a tie for Fathers Day! - Quick Draw II

I had never used a detector until my wife and children got me my Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II for Fathers Day.

I first detected in my own yard and was surprised at how easy it was to use, and at all the things I found with it.I first detected in my own yard and was surprised at how easy it was to use and at all the things I found with it.

This is a small collection of the total amout which includes a gold ring, marine class ring, walking liberty half, indain head, belt buckel, 1900 check for cake of palmalive soap, wheat pennies,and a coin that is possibly 400 to 900 years old.

All of these items where found 4 to 6 inches deep and within 2 blocks of my house. All of these were found since Fathers Day, 1998, detecting on weekends 3 to 4 hours at a time. Thank you Bounty Hunter for such a fun and rewarding hobby.

Glenn Richmond

Buffalo Nickel

Ed's detectors finds

Coins dated from 1893 to 1914

Bounty Hunter Has Made History Come To Life For Me - Pioneer 202

Now It's Your Turn To Find Your Own Piece Of History!

In the early part of April of this year I purchased a Pioneer 202. Having never detected before, I was very unsure of what to do, where to go and what the Pioneer would do. The manual that came with the Pioneer was very easy to understand for someone that had never done this before. I like the Pioneer because it can be a turn on and go or you can fine-tune your Pioneer to discriminate between trash or treasure very easily. It really is a turn on and go machine for a rookie or a veteran detectorist. The quality and ease of operation and of course the price cannot be beat anywhere, plus the 5-year warranty is great also. As I stated earlier, I have just started to detect this spring and my luck has been out of this world, I would never had expected this many great finds in such a short of time. Locations of my hunts, such as ghost towns from the mid 1850’s have really helped in the quality and quantity of my finds. Research is the first step in good places to hunt, then getting permission to hunt. Then you can do the easy part of putting coins and relics in your pockets. My Clad total for 3 months is about $ 60.00 that may not seem like much but this total is from trying to learn my Pioneer very early in the spring in preparation for the older spots that I had planned to hunt this summer. So far my silver finds have been, (3) V nickels, (2) Indian head nickels, (10) Barber Dimes, (1) 1906 Canadian Dime, (2) Seated Dimes, (5) Mercury Dimes, (4) Barber Quarters, (1) Seated Quarter, (1) Barber Half, (1) Franklin Half, (2) Morgan Dollars, (1) Mexican Peso, (13) Pre 1970 Quarters, (30) Pre 1970 Dimes, (11) Indian head pennies, (1) 1952 Canadian penny, and (53) Wheat pennies. I also have found a bag of sugar that was hidden in a metal lid box in the ceiling of my GGG uncles' house. The date on the 10 lb. bag says that it was made in 1836 in San Francisco, CA by Sea Island. I have also found 4 rings for my wife, which makes her as happy to get them from me as it was for me to find them. This is only a partial listing of my finds but you will get a good idea how exciting and rewarding this hobby really is. If you try this hobby once I think that you will be hooked for life. Bounty Hunter has made history come to life for me, now it is your turn to find your own piece of history.

Eddie D.Dannar Bethany Mo.

Edward I, penny from the 1300's

"I had a Winner in the Land Ranger"

The deepest coin sized item I found wan as Edward I penny from the 1300's at 8" in old grassland.

Its a little over a year since I bought the Landranger detector, I made this decision because I was so totally impressed with the Fast Tracker that I purchased for my wife. I was not disappointed in any way with the Landranger either. One of the most frequent places that I detect on is a river that has seen much use over the last couple of hundred years, the only problem with this site is that the ampount of iron is absolutely unbeleiveable. With this in mind I also received the 4" coil as well as the 10" & 8" ones. Its almost impossible to use anything bigger than 6" in this type of ground. I did have good sucess with the FT in this area in the past so it was time to take out the Landranger for a real showdown. Its a huge area to work, but you are resricted by the tides and also any areas that have been scoured off to the stony iron layer. I ran the LR with half sens and as little iron disc that I could get away with. I was surprised that I could run the sens much higher, the little coil was doing its job, and very well. By seacrhing slowly and methodically I began to find some non-ferrous items, mostly small bits of lead & some brass screws. Within 15 minutes I was on some coins at last, a couple of small cupro nickel sixpences from the 1950's. These are very hard targets to find in this sort of ground. From that point on I knew that I had a winner in the LR. After slowly searching for a further two hours & hunting very slowly I had managed about 15 coins. One was a silver sixpence from 1910, the rest copper and mostly small ones, this is because all the big stuff has been lifted in the past & even the tide cannot help. After a few more trips down to the river with the little 'killer' coil I was doubly impressed, it just kept finding! Using the 10" in fields was also a joy. The audio discrim was excellent and the numerical ID very accurate. The deepest coin sized item I found was an Edward I penny from the 1300's at 8" in old grassland. Thanks to First Texas for producing a first rate machine. I would not hesitate to recommend their units to beginner or advanced user alike.

Yours sincerely
Stuart Rainford

A large 14K gold ring

1 to 1 1/2 carat diamond set in the center

Land Star Find - Thanks Bounty Hunter!!!!

A large 14K gold ring with a 1 to 11/2 carat diamond set in the center.

I was swinging my 4" coil on my Land Star (Power at 3/4 full, notch mode, disc/notch set to the 10 O'clock position). I got a strong reading that jumped from the iron nickle range to the penny quarter range and decided to dig. About an inch down I felt metal touch the end of my screwdriver and gave the dirt a flip. I could see in the hole a gold band and my heart gave a leap. I did not want to get my hopes up as so many beer screw lids look the same color in the dirt. But much to my satisfaction I found a large 14K gold ring with a 1 to 1 1/2 carat diamond set in the center. I brushed the dirt from the inside of the band to look for any initials or a name to show who the owner might be, and there was not one. I let out a small yelp of joy! Its MINE! I could not contain the grins as I continued to load up coins in my pouch. The funny thing about this find was a neighbor hood boy walked over and asked if I ever find anything good. I showed him the ring and his jaw just dropped. He said that another guy was just here yesterday and he was using a larger coil on what he described as a White's unit. Ha ha ha Bounty Hunter takes the prize again.

Cliff (OK)

14K Gold


The ring for her

My Wife Went On Vacation, I Went Metal Detecting - Tracker IV

Thank you again Bounty Hunter for your very reliable product.

On September 23, 2006, my wife left for a semi-annual vacation to visit her daughter and grandson. She wasn’t gone an hour when I left with my Tracker IV to see what I could find. It was a very cool day with off and on rain showers. I decided to go to an area where there are generally quite a few people. Because of the weather, I didn’t think there would be too many people out and about. I was not disappointed. When I arrived in the area, I was the only person there. I detected for about an hour and found a little over $5.00 in change. I was ready to leave when I noticed a sandy volley ball court. I went to the left side of the net and found several more coins. On the right side of the net, I took about 6 swings with my trusty Tracker IV and heard that “ Gold Sounding Tone ” the Tracker IV makes. I was pleasantly surprised when I uncovered this 14K Gold ring with three small diamonds in it. I then surprised my wife by mailing the ring to her at her daughter’s house. It fit her just right.

Once again the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV has proven it’s worth to me.

Thanks you again Bounty Hunter for your very reliable product.

Kind Regards,
Ken Williams,
Loveland, Colorado

Necklace found near cave entrance
Holy cave necklace Batman! - Land Star

We stopped at a small area where spelunkers park is located to access a local cave...I thought it would be a good place to check.

I recently got my Land Star after looking at a lot of different detectors and after the weather cooperated finally got to try it out. We stopped at a small area where spelunkers park is located to access a local cave, I thought it would be a good place to check the discrimination due to the high concentration of pull tabs. After digging a few tabs to check the readout, I got a strong high tone and quarter readout. I found the necklace just under the grass (0 to2 depth).The clasp was open but the pendants were still on the chain.

Glen Faulkner

Sammie Haynes 1979 class ring

My son and his Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

One happy fellow, thanks to the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Proud to be the owner of a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV.

I came to this site to tell the people who make the Tracker IV mystory. Like you 22yrs ago I lost my class ring at a swimming pool at a neighbors home. They were fruit growers as my father was and the pool served as a water storage and place to swim. I left my 1979 class ringon the dash of the truck that belong to my friend, and when we were leaving it was gone I remember looking so hard for it 22yrs ago. Well last fall I bought a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV off the internet andput it up because it was winter. When I bought it I was looking for a hobby for my son & myself, and in the back of my mind was my class ring. Well Sat. the 8th of Apr. I had my Tracker IV out for the first time and
to the pool I went, and I didn't have really no hope I was going to find my class ring. So my son & I hadn't searched an area no longer than 25' by 10' until we had already found 2 quarters & 3 dimes, and then it beeped and low and behold 6" or maybe a little further under the groundI cut the grass layer off and began to layer away the dirt checking every little bit to make sure the beeper was still below where I was scraping,then it rolled over, my class ring. I was, well I couldn't explain it to you, except I was one happy fellow that day thanks to the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV.

Thank You;
Sammie Haynes

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