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Here a picture of my daughter, this was her first time ever using a metal detector outside. We had practiced in the house a few times, she was using the Tracker IV. We found what would be invaluable to anyone but they sure we valuable to us.
Brian & Maddie Serrano

I just purchased a new Bounty Hunter® Gold metal detector in December of 2013. When I took it out of the box and put it together I went out for the first time at one of our local fairgrounds and found a unique sterling silver heart shaped pendant 8-inches underground. What followed next was an early vintage 2"x 2" 1900's piece of newspaper press plate 10-inches underground. My next find was very exciting to me. I found my first silver chain 10-inches underground in a sports complex field.
Nik and Dave

The Target-ID and depth indicator are absolutely spot-on and the lightweight of this unit makes it easy to detect for hours. The pinpoint feature is good, but not something I use on a regular basis. You can easily slow your sweep down to hardly any movement and see your target spot right through the opening in the coil. I also use a pinpointer which easily locates the target. The only minor problem I had, was multiple sounds from several nickels which were right next to a chunk of soda can. All in all, a pleasure to use and fast target location. In a little over an hour and a half, I picked up about 34 targets including 10 quarters, 5 nickels and a small silver bracelet. I am anxious to try some older areas. On a second outing I found another 35 coins and a small silver ring at a local school. The Quick Draw® Pro is an excellent unit for both an experienced and/or new detector user..

Dennis Witkowsky, Metal Detectors Plus, Santa Rosa, CA

I made these finds with the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger with the small “sniper” coil. The five dollar gold piece was found in 2007. I am a relic hunter and use other detectors but when I get into a site with silver and older coins I grab the BH TR because the discrimination is so good. You can’t beat the machine of ID on coins once you learn the numbers. The site with the twenty dollar gold piece produced 20+ silver coins (Barbers, Mercs, Rosies, Washingtons) along with an 1848 large cent and all were found with the BH. The gold coin was near a sidewalk with iron rebar and the larger coil would pick up the iron blocking out the detectable signal (which it also did with my friends Minelab and my Tejon) but the BH sniper coil ID it! I have been using the BH TR now for about 12 years and I can’t tell you how many coins I have found with it.

Greg King

Greg made the cover of the May 2013 issue of Lost Treasure magazine!

I have had high end detectors of different brands since I was a kid and found a few good things through out my hunts. But one Saturday morning I was on my way to work and stopped at a yard sale and seen this beat up, nasty dirty metal detector missing the needle protector, melted crayon on coil, so turned it on, it beeped. I asked the woman how much? $3 dollars, she said, so I figured the nine volt batteries were worth that and I bought it.

I took it to work, tore it apart and cleaned everything on it, cut a piece of plastic to cover the needle and took it home. That evening I figured I would look it up online and see who made it. It is a Bounty Hunter® Treasure Hunter VLF.

I took it out in the yard to see if it worked and to my surprise I found 41 pennies, 4 dimes, 3 quarters, pocket knife, lock heart key, locket, charms and big coin of Kentucky Wildcats Hall of Fame announcer and some other junk pieces. WOW!! For only $3.00, I made my money back on the first hunt! I will be a Bounty Hunter® man from now on. If you can find stuff like this with a beginner version, I can only imagine what a higher end detector from Bounty Hunter® will yield. Hopefully, I will soon find out. THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT AND FROM WHAT I SEE REASONABLE PRICES!


Relics found at WWII fighter plane crash site near Wuppertal, Germany – Discovery 1100

I purchased my first Bounty Hunter® detector in 1997, a Discovery® 1100. I have since purchased more advanced models from your product line but I keep and maintain my Discovery® 1100 since it got me started. I travel to Europe frequently and I usually take the Discovery® 1100 with me since I can easily disassemble it. During a recent digging trip we located wreckage of a Focke Wulf 190 in an impact crater. Surrounding the crash area we located instruments, ammunition, structural aluminum, aircraft outer skin and other relics. On the same trip we also located German 20mm ammunition, 26,5mm flares, several gas masks and a lot of aluminum tent pegs from the German military.

The Discovery® 1100 is a basic machine, it is simple to use and has the essential features needed out of the box to get you relic hunting. I still use it frequently along with my Discovery® Platinum. As a testament to the machines simplicity, reliability and durability my Discovery® 1100 was over 15 years old when we made these finds. Thanks for the years of positive memories and finds.

Mike Brown, Louisville, KY

Tracker 4 Finds Diamond Ring

I always travel with my Bounty Hunter® Tracker IV detector. While in Georgia I visited a park that I had detected several months earlier. What a surprise to find this ring among the playground wood chips! I didn't think it was real until taking a closer look and seeing the 14K on the inside of the band. Only one of the 44 diamonds was missing (bottom corner), and after trying for over a month to find the owner, I had the ring repaired by a jeweler who said it was worth somewhere between $1,000-$1,500. My Tracker IV has found many coins and some very nice rings, but this one tops them all!


Tracker 4 Finds Gold Earring & Coins

I was SO excited to receive my Bounty Hunter® Tracker IV in the mail that I had ordered online. I quickly put it together, read the directions and headed out the door. I went to a spot I thought of immediately ... a place where the whole town goes to sled when it snows. I quickly started finding junk, but then I found a quarter, then a dime, then a penny, then a nickel and another quarter! I know it was not a lot, but exciting to say the least. THEN, I decided to try looking for jewelry ... I adjusted the detector’s settings to the recommendations in the owner’s manual and planned on finding several pop tops (as the manual said I would) before finding any gold rings. Well, I wasn't out five minutes when I heard, “The Tone!" The low tone specific to GOLD! I dug down a couple of inches and out popped this 14K gold earring!

Needless to say, I AM HOOKED! Thanks for a wonderful product!

Michael Vertrees

1/2 Reale Found with the Lone Star

Hi, my name is Joaquin Mendoza from San Luis Potosí, México. I have a Lone Star metal detector with 5 " searchcoil, I found 1/2 real Macaco coins, a few copper cents and some bullets, in a dry creek.

Kind Regards, Mendoza

First time out with my Bounty Hunter® Tracker IV™

I was SO excited to receive my Bounty Hunter Tracker IV detector I had just ordered. I quickly read the directions, put it together, and headed out the door. I went to a spot I thought of immediately...a place where the whole town goes to sled when the ground is covered with snow. I quickly started finding junk, but then I found a quarter, then a dime, then a penny, then a nickel and another quarter! I know it’s not a lot, but it was exciting, to say the least! THEN I decided to try looking for jewelry...I adjusted the settings to the recommendations in the owner’s manual and planned on finding several pop tops, as the manual said I would before finding any gold rings. Well, I wasn't out five minutes when I heard, 'The tone!" The low tone specific to GOLD! I dug down a couple of inches, and out popped this 14K gold ring! Needless to say, I AM HOOKED! Thanks for a wonderful product!

Michael Vertrees

Total value was 1,396 coins

Just the memorials alone weighed in at 6.45 pounds

Huge Coin Cache found with the Bounty Hunter® Tracker IV™

I am a new metal detectorist, having purchased in late February 2011 a new-in-the-box Bounty Hunter® Tracker IV™ with Christmas money my wife gave me. After many early successful hunts in parks and school playgrounds, I decided to hunt a site near my home where a fast food drive-in had gone out of business. I started with the Tracker IV and was using the discrimination mode and checked out all the flower beds and grassy area at the back of the building first. I found one clad dime but was not discouraged because from experience I knew if there were any coins around there, I would find them. I moved to the front landscaped area and searched the left hand side first, finding nothing. When I moved to the right hand side I noticed first that the bushes were gone and the ground was almost barren looking of grass. I was soon to find out why!!!

I started to swing the detector and it went wild with signals. This had never happened before, so I backed off and looked at my settings...Yup everything normal. I walked around on the other side of the spot and swung the coil; about 2 feet away from where I did before and the machine went nuts again!! What the heck! I thought. Then I got down on my knees and looked at the front of me on the surface were at least 15 coins, just exposed! I picked them up and thought, well that is that...swung the coil again over the same spot and the machine had the same reaction. I looked around, saw a piece of cardboard, got it and sat down on the ground. Put my Tracker IV next to me so I could start running my composite scoop past it and started digging. First scoop: 7 coins, second scoop: 5 coins...!! This went on for 2 hours and I was worn out, plus my sizable coin bag was full!
I took the stuff home and started soaking it. I had a hard time sleeping that night, so next morning at daybreak I was there again. I checked the area with the coil again, plenty of signals left. I dug for another 2 hours....full bag again and still signals! I left and took the second batch home and started soaking them to clean them. Two more visits resulted in me finally cleaning out the site.
Total value was 1,396 coins face value of over $24.00, all clad and memorials, except for one wheatie penny. Just the memorials alone weighed in at 6.45 pounds on my wife's digital kitchen scale! This was a remarkable amount of coinage from a spot that was merely 3 feet X 3 feet by 12 inches deep. The zinc based Lincolns had reacted in the ground due to zinc and copper poisoning and killed the bushes planted by the landscape company. All the nickels, dimes, and quarters I dug, are copper plated!!

I can only speculate that the original coin-bearing gravel came from either a coy pond or a wishing well that the landscaping company had cleaned out but neglected to examine before they deposited the material where I found it! It just seems impossible to me that someone would intentionally dump that many coins in one spot.

I just wanted to praise your company and the Bounty Hunter® Tracker IV™ because it was so easy for me, as a beginner, to learn and I had such early success with it that I would never had found this site and recovered this cash if the machine had been a difficult one for a beginner! Thanks for making a coin shooter's dream come true!

Oh and I should mention that this past weekend after only 10 weeks with my machine, I surpassed the $100.00 mark and have now started a savings account at my local bank to dump my coins in! My Bounty Hunter Tracker IV has paid for itself.

J.M Howard “Little Rock Area”

Axe Heads
Here are some of the axe heads that I have found with the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker

Buckle and Box Chain Link
Both items found with the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker. Buckle is horse related.

Hunting Knife
A hunting knife from the 1940's-1960's found with the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker

All four d-rings were found in the same hole. They were found in one of the logging areas with the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker

Possible pot handle
This is a possible pot handle. It has been suggested that it might be off of a doctor's bag. Found in a logging camp area with the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker

Pry Bar
Pry bar used to straighten the rails for a narrow gauge railroad line from the late 19th century. Found with Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker

Finds with the Fast Tracker and a Tracker IV

Hi There,

I just wanted to submit some of my finds. I have two Bounty Hunter metal detectors. One is the Fast Tracker and the other is the Tracker IV. I also have the 4", 10" and 11" DD Fisher coils for them. I am a relic hunter and I don't spend a lot of time coinshooting. I don't hunt much in tot-lots or parks, just old home sites, farms and logging sites. I am impressed with the depth that I get on iron relics with the Fast Tracker. I have pulled horseshoes, ruler measured, at nine inches (7 inch stock coil) and to date, my deepest find is a top off of an old Sinclair oil can at eighteen inches (10 inch Magnum coil), once again measured. Here is a link to some of the finds from last summer and this spring. I have more relics that I am going to get photographs of tomorrow. Feel free to use any of the images and if you need any better images or images emailed to you please let me know.

For those who like to hunt coins, I am sure that the Fast Tracker will be a great machine. I love it when I find shotgun brass and spent bullet shells. The Fast Tracker hits hard on the brass. I have found shotgun brass that dates from the 1880's-1960's. The 10" coil picked up a .22 brass at around 4 inches with a very solid signal. The Fast Tracker is a great beep and dig relic machine and is an absolute killer with the 11" DD coil. If you marketed it with both the 7" and 10" coils as the Relic Tracker, it would be a winning deal!

I love my Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker. As far as I am concerned, there isn't a better relic machine out there. I find small items and deep items. It has stood up to the abuses of relic hunting in difficult woods and steep hills and ravines. I have banged it against trees, caught it in bushes, dropped it more than once, set it down in mud by mistake and much more. It is a great machine and easy to use.

Doug Budd

PS - I mentioned that I have both a Fast Tracker and a Tracker IV. I received the Tracker IV for Christmas 2009 and have not used it a whole lot, but from what little I have done with it, I am impressed. I found my first .410 shotgun brass at four inches with a solid signal and I was using the 4" coil.

Railroad Spikes
Some of the narrow gauge railroad spikes from the logging railroad line.
Found with both the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker and Tracker IV

Round Ball
Round Ball for .44 caliber "cap and ball" revolver.
Found with the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker

1909 SVDB Wheat

Asst. Buttons


Skeleton Keys

Silver Cache Found With My Bounty Hunter Lone Star

Three and ½ years ago my wife purchased for me a Lone Star bounty Hunter Metal detector. I figured that it was a sensible and affordable detector to start with incase I did not stick with it or like it. Through the first 6 months it involved a lot of trial and error, learning and reading. I had some frustrations at times to learn the machine and a few thousand pull-tabs along the way. Following the first six months success had increased tremendously with my Lone Star Bounty Hunter. At the end of the first year I have found many wonderful coins. Like silver quarters, and dimes, wheat pennies, rings and also a fantastic find of a 1909 svdb. In the last 2 and one half years there have been numerous wonderful finds of rare coins, artifacts, jewelry, watch fobs and tokens. One of the best finds recently was a huge coin cache that included 163 coins. Of these 72 were silver dollars. Fifteen of them were Morgans the oldest being an 1880 and the newest was a 1921 s. This included an 1890 cc. Fifty-seven were Peace Dollars ranging in age from 1922 s to 1928 s. Two Standing Liberty quarters (1926 s & 1927) and twelve Washington quarters (1934 - 1945 d) were part of the cache. There were also 41 Mercury dimes (1918 -1945 d), two Roosevelt dimes (1946), seven war nickels (1943 s – 1945 s), ten Jefferson nickels (1938 - 1941), one 1905 V nickel, two Buffalo nickels (1927 s & 1937 d), and fourteen Wheat pennies (1917 – 1946 d). Many people have encouraged me to upgrade to a Mine Lab or a Whites DX. But I figure why should I do that when my Bounty Hunter is working great for me. I am sure that my success will continue with the use of the Lone Star Bounty Hunter along with the 4 P’s: positive, persistent, patience and perseverance. This is a wonderful hobby that I enjoy every day that I can.


Silver Cache of 163 Coins

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