Adventurer 5500 Reader
Adventurer 5500 Printer

Bounty Hunter Jr. Reader
Bounty Hunter Jr. Printer
Bounty Hunter Jr. Target I.D. Reader
Challenger Reader
Challenger Printer
Camo LS Reader
Camo LS Printer
Commando Reader
Commando Printer
Discovery 1100 Print
Discovery 1100 Reader
Discovery 1100 Radio Shack Reader
Discovery 1100 Radio Shack Printer
Discovery 2200 Reader
Discovery 2200 Printer
Discovery 2200 Flipped Pages
Discovery 3300 Reader
Discovery 3300 Printer

Elite 2200 Reader
Elite 2200
Fast Tracker Reader
Fast Tracker Printer

Fortune Hunter Reader
Fortune Hunter Printer
Guardian Reader
Gold - Reader
Gold - Printer

Gold Digger

Handyman Detector Reader
Handyman Detector Printer
Handyman Nail Finder
Land Ranger
Land Ranger Pro Reader
Land Ranger Pro Printer
Land Star Reader
Land Star Printer

Legacy 1500 Reader
Legacy 1500 Printer
Legacy 2500 Reader
Legacy 2500 Printer
Legacy 3000 Reader
Legacy 3000 Printer
Legacy 3500 Reader
Legacy 3500 Printer

Lone Star Reader
Lone Star Printer
Lone Star Pro Reader
Lone Star Pro Printer
Outback Reader
Outback Printer

Pilot Reader
Pilot Printer
Pioneer EX Reader
Pioneer EX Printer

Pioneer 202 Reader

Pioneer 202 Printer
Pioneer 505 Reader
Pioneer 505 Printer
Platinum Reader

Platinum Printer
Prospector Reader

Prospector Printer

Quick Draw II Reader
Quick Draw II Printer

Quick Draw Pro Reader
Quick Draw Pro Printer
Quick Silver Reader
Quick Silver Printer
Quick Silver Camo
Sharp Shooter II Reader
Snooper 2 Reader
Snooper 2 Printer
Sharp Shooter II Printer
Time Ranger Reader
Time Ranger Printer

Titan 1000XD
Titan 2000XD
Titan 3000XD
Titanium Camo Reader
Titanium Camo Printer

Tracker II Reader
Tracker II Printer
Tracker IV Reader
Tracker IV Printer

Tracker II Archaeology
Treasure Hunter Reader
Treasure Hunter Printer
Ultra-Mag Sharp Shooter Reader
Ultra-Mag Sharp Shooter Printer
VLF English / French

VLF 2.1 Reader
VLF 2.1 Printer

Pinpointer Reader
Pinpointer Printer

Discontinued Models

Bounty Hunter Prospector Reader
Bounty Hunter Prospector Printer

Prospector DX


Teknetics Alpha 2000
Teknetics Delta 4000
Teknetics Gamma 6000
Teknetics Omega 8000
Teknetics T2
How To Set Up The T2

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